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Car Rentals

  • Items to Note:
    • Rental cars are reimbursable if they are necessary to conduct business and are approved by the department.
    • Maximum size of rental is mid-size/intermediate.  If a larger size is needed, a detailed explanation needs to be included.
    • Optional insurance, Fuel Service Option, GPS, etc. are not reimbursable.
  • Enterprise and National Car Rental 
    • Enterprise and National Car Rental now have one combined portal for renting a vehicle using the Illinois State University's contract.
    • A Free Loss Damage Waiver is included when booking for business purposes for travel in the United States.  The free insurance is a benefit since insurance is not a reimbursable travel expense.
    • Join the Emerald Club to receive express service.  As a member of the Emerald Club you can use the "one click" reservations system.
    • Make a reservation